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Why does my Dehumidifier Ice up (How to fix it)

Having dehumidifier is quite good until it starts freezing up while having the humidity in your home, but what you can do to defrost your dehumidifier? as it’s the problem that tends to repeat by itself.

Sometimes you try to run the dehumidifier forcefully while ignoring the cold room temperature of your house and its totally wrong because cool surroundings can frozen the dehumidifier, which can damage the machine and potentially can break it altogether.

But what are options and ways to fix this type of problems for life time?

Well, this is why we are here with this proper quite in which we will give you the solution to defrost your dehumidifier in few ways.

So, Why does my Dehumidifier Ice up?

let’s get started.

Ways to Defrost a Dehumidifier


People may wondering about ways to defrost a dehumidifier, but you don’t need to go for ways just simply let the dehumidifier melt over the time. Although you can also turn the unit off and drain out out the water from its tank to ensure it does.

Don’t forget to place the dehumidifier in a warmish environment, like a heated room, but don’t put it in a warm room directly as it may can damage your room ceiling or your body as well.

Why your dehumidifier is freezing up ?


Well, if you don’t know that you should need to understand that dehumidifier controls the temperature in order to collect moisture and drain it out via your dehumidifier from your home, Accordingly they takes warm air from your home and runs that over a dehumidifier cold coil.

So you must need to understand that dehumidifier will always help your room environment to maintain the temperature, as their is big difference between the temperature in the air and on its coils.

Apparently, if a dehumidifier has frozen it could be because of your too cold room environment for long, the water will freeze on the cold coils, instead of allowing it to drain away.

Here are few reasons does why your dehumidifier is freezing up:

  • Less Airflow: The water can’t drain off the coils quick enough, because there isn’t enough airflow to go with. Your machine might be obstructed by something if this happened with you.
  • Filter Issues: Filter can be a major issue because a overfull filter can also restrict airflow for so long.

Is it normal for a dehumidifier to ice up?

No! not at all, dehumidifier icing is not a normal issues and in order to stop your dehumidifier from freeing up: Determine does why your dehumidifier is icing up.

Problems can be your low room temperature, frozen coils, chocked airflow issues or you blower fan can be broken.