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Is water from a dehumidifier distilled

Is water from a dehumidifier distilled?

As we all know a dehumidifier pulls out water of the air throughout the process of condensation, but does this keeps the water distilled?

Well, each and every of you are here for this same question and won’t i will disappoint any single of you with my answers.

I don’t know about what other blog owners say and what are their views but as much i have researched and experienced that the dehumidifier water comes from the moisture in the air which may contains fungi, bacteria and some other bad symptoms.

So i would suggest you to use a dehumidifier water for plants watering or toilet flash and not for drinking purposes.

There are many doubts may people want to know and that’s why i will share all the information around the topic which surely will help you in taking your right decisions accordingly, just keep reading the article to to discover the interesting facts behind all related questions you may wondering to know.

What is distilled water?

Is water from a dehumidifier distilled?

Hold on! before answering your question, it’s very important to understand what exactly distilled water is and the type of difference between both of the waters.

So distilled water is kind of liquid steam which comes throughout the boiling process, also there are different ways like evaporating and re-condensing to make distilled water.

While boiling it, the other impurities will be left behind and mostly all type of bacteria, mold and other dirty microorganisms will get killed by the high temperature. At last as a result, the distilled water known as the purest and cleanest water on the earth.

Also there are ways you can try at your home to make distilled water, like using a water boiling kettle which can be easily available at your nearby local stores or online too.

But here is the question mostly people ask, is water from a dehumidifier distilled?

Come let’s see

Is Dehumidifier Water same as  distilled water?

Is water from a dehumidifier distilled

Well, technically it’s true that the dehumidifier water can be classified as the distilled water, but you can’t say its same as distilled water because purity of each is so different.

Dehumidifier water considered distilled because it it pulls water vapor from the ambient air that removes bacteria and minerals throughout the process. On the other side to make water the purest ever, you have to remove all of the minerals which can be possible while boiling it or evaporating.

As well all know the dehumidifier build to remove moisture from the air which is useful in parts of the houses where humidity is often damp and foggy, they did not build the product with the intention of making a water distilled.

We all should need to understand that we can’t expect everything from a single product as it can only helps during seasons and have their own fundamentals to work with, like seriously why you want to use the dehumidifier water as distilled water?

Come on! water bottles comes in very cheap prices even you can make distilled water at your home, just put little of your efforts and boil the water to make it enough healthy for drinking purposes.

Safe uses For Dehumidified Water

Firstly you have keep in mind that if you want to use the water of your dehumidifier, you should need to consider maintain your tank clean. Also, do not let the water sit around in your tank for too long.

Is water from a dehumidifier distilled

There are many things on which you can use your dehumidifier water but some of them which i would like to suggest.

Here are the 2 things on which you can use your dehumidifier water:

  • Watering plants
  • Cleaning for outside areas


How pure is water from a dehumidifier?

It is around 50% to 70% pure but not as pure to drink it. However the water evaporated into the air and left its dirty bacteria behind. Dehumidifier water can’t be stay pure for so long as the elements of the dehumidifier are covered in contaminants.

Can I use water from my dehumidifier in my battery?

Well, as i said that dehumidifier water is distilled water and it’s totally fine if you want to use the dehumidifier for your battery usage. Anything with a TDS of 30 or below is completely fine.