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Is Dehumidifier water safe to Drink

Is Dehumidifier water safe to Drink? is it Possible to Purify

There are a lot people wondering to know, Is dehumidifier water safe to drink? and is it really possible to purify a dehumidifier water.

Well, having these types of questions are quite necessary if you owns a dehumidifier in your house and looking to know about the possibilities of drinkable water from a dehumidifier.

However, Water from a dehumidifier is really drinkable or not, depends on how clean you keep your tank and from how long the water has been sitting around. The water a dehumidifier collects is actually clean and pure water as comparable to distilled water we use.

Think of it as a fridge with the cooling coils exposed to the air, Water vapour from the air condenses on the coils and drips into a dehumidifier tank. The main reason why condensed water is pure because when the water originally evaporated with the air, it just left its pollution & minerals behind and make it pure.

So providing your coils are clean, you can collect the dripping water from a dehumidifier and drink it. But if the water sits around in the tank, it can cause a hospitable medium for the growth of bacteria and their molds makes it unfit for drinking purpose.

How to purify Dehumidifier water?

Is Dehumidifier water safe to Drink

Well, there are many different ways to purify your dehumidifier water but i’m gonna discuss about mine two favourite tips which can help you in making your dehumidifier water drinkable.

Water boiling is one of mine personal favourite way to purify a dehumidifier water because it kills bacteria and viruses so easily. The water boiling process also removes every unpleasant dirty smell that may be present in the water for so long.

Second way to purify a dehumidifier water is through distillation, As we know distilled water is the purest type of water. The water distillation process is very adequate at removing potentially harmful contaminants which also removes the natural minerals and electrolytes found in water.

here is a very simple process of distilling a water: Heat tap water to the point that it turns to vapor. When the vapor condenses back to water, it leaves behind any mineral residue. The resulting condensed liquid is distilled water pure and drinkable for everyone.

What happens if you drink water from a Dehumidifier?

Is Dehumidifier water safe to Drink

Somehow, Their are possibilities of pure drinkable water from a dehumidifier, but before that you need to keep in mind that your dehumidifier coils must be clean.

if the water sits around in the tank from so long, then i must say don’t drink that water, because it may can cause many disease and hospitable problems for your family.

But i’m not saying you can’t drink it at any cost, Boiling the water can make it drinkable and pure for everyone.

Can you drink water from a Dehumidifier if you filter it?

As we know dehumidifier water is not pure for drinking purposes, But yes absolutely you can make it drinkable while the filtering it properly. Filtration of water happens through numerous methods. Throughout the distillation process, you can get rid of the microorganisms from the water and make it drinkable.

Reverse osmosis is another one of the finest water purification technique you can use, It utilizes a partially permeable surface area or membrane. When water passes through this surface, all the pollutants and huge particles are captured in the body and leaves the water safe for usage. This is basically how a most common water filter works.

Can you boil and drink Dehumidifier water?

Is Dehumidifier water safe to Drink

Well, In simple words you should need to avoid drinking water from a dehumidifier even if it is boiled too, As i mentioned above that drinkable water depends on how clean you keep your dehumidifier tank then only there are some possibilities to make it drinkable for everyone.

So, Firstly be sure; is really your dehumidifier tank as clean as pure water or it is storing water from so long and looking dirty then only think about boiling it.

Water distillation process is the only pure and safest option for every dehumidifier owners to keep your dehumidifier water drinkable in every way possible but must remember to look out your dehumidifier tank while the distillation process.

After my research it’s very easy to answer this question as no. As we all know distilled water is usually demineralised and it can be very pure. however a dehumidifier water, will be more contaminated with things that float around in air or things that like to grow in dehumidifiers.

Their is no we can compare dehumidifier water as distilled water as it is perfectly safe for drinking purposes,  these are the only minerals that gave us everyday drinking water with distinctive taste.

Boiled distilled water which is evaporated and re-condensed, strips the everyday minerals present in ordinary tap water we use and this includes minerals like magnesium and calcium along with other bacteria’s compounds. So, better to not compare a dehumidifier water with pure tap distilled water.


I’m guessing i’ve solved your all issues related to the topic “Is Dehumidifier water safe to Drink” with my proper research throughout this blog, you can leave a note in the comments below, we will surely response you as soon as possible with the possible solution.

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