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How to keep Basement Dry without Dehumidifier

How to keep Basement Dry without Dehumidifier in 6 Steps

Having a basement is quite good but keeping it dust free and dry is what everyone looks for. Well, having a dehumidifier can fix these issues in a while but what if you don’t have a dehumidifier and you are looking for ways which can help you out ?

Well, if you are one of these and looking for ways which can help you in making your basement super dry and mold free, then you should need to read this article from starting to end.

Here in this blog i’m gonna share my 6 personal favourite tips which will help you in making your basement super dry without even having a dehumidifier.

Happily, these all 6 ways and methods will cost you less money and easily can be purchased by your nearby shops, So i must say you all need to try these all 6 ways and do need implement the most comfortable one to make your basement dry and mildew free.

1. Placing Baking Soda around

How to keep Basement Dry without Dehumidifier

Baking soda is one of the best and the cheapest option you can use to make your basement dry for years, Just visit your nearby shops and buy few baking soda boxes which gonna cost you less than 6$ to 8$ not more than that.

Somehow, If you don’t know baking soda is an alkaline compound which can be helpful absorbing moisture from areas. So there are two methods, which you can use to make your basement dry and both gonna work well surely.

  1. Placing Baking soda around: So to make your basement dry, you just need to place baking soda throughout your basement corners wisely.
  2. Plastic Bag: Put a amount soda in a plastic bag and hang it on your basement ceilings.

This tip gonna work on both big and small basements, So if you have a large basement, you may need more baking soda boxes so that you can spread soda everywhere.

2. Plant window tree

How to keep Basement Dry without Dehumidifier

As we all know plants are nature’s way of regulating moisture, as they are living thing they absorb the moisture in the air continuously and turn it into fresh air known as oxygen.

Having plants on your basement not only will absorb moisture but also provides fresh and natural air which will make your basement and home environment naturally good.

So buy some house plants and put them near to your window or somewhere drafts coming from outside.

This activity can bring a change in our environment to let people know how much planting trees can make our environment super clean with fresh air.

3. Fans in the Basement

How to keep Basement Dry without Dehumidifier

Having a wall fan in your basement can easily push the dirt air up and away from the basement, but placing it to the right place can be much effective and can bring great results to move the moist air away.

The best place you can place the fan, is on the top of your basement area from where the fan can cover your whole basement and be able to move moist air away.

Wall fans will costs you around 30$ to 60$, but still the best and cheapest option you can go with instead of dehumidifier.

4. Desiccants Packets

How to keep Basement Dry without Dehumidifier

Desiccants are kind of substances which commonly used to keep places and products dry and stable. desiccants can absorb moisture from air either by physical adsorption or by chemical reaction, which can keep your basement dry by absorbing moisture from the air.

desiccants packets are way lesser and will cost you some around 5$ to 10$, but really a great option you can consider for your basement to make it dry 24/7, desiccants packets can easily be available to your nearby shops and on online both.

5. Carpeting Mats

How to keep Basement Dry without Dehumidifier

To prevent moisture from seeping up into the basement walls, You need to purchase carpet mats at your nearby home stuff shop.

Placing the carpet met on your tile or hardwood floors can easily absorb your basement moisture but not for so long, if the mats get too wet remove them to dry and replace them again.

Somehow, if you are thinking and ignoring my second point then i must say you are so innocent, Because when the carpet met get too heavy after absorbing moisture for long, then it can warp and possibly can break your floor furniture or tiles.

6. Damp Rid Moisture Absorber

How to keep Basement Dry without Dehumidifier

Dump rid is best and finest choice you can go with, To remove excess moisture from basements, homes, bathrooms, laundry rooms and closets.

It can also be a good option for freshening basement and dealing with moisture in a pinch. Just be sure to keep this product out of reach, if you have pets and children in your home.

I will suggest you to place it somewhere high, So that it can go out of the reach to children and pets.

Conclusion with Bonus Tips

Apart from sharing these 6 best ways, I’m gonna give you some bonus tips throughout with this conclusion. Well, considering my ways in your daily life means a lot but making you sure about the best one throughout these 6 is mine best way.

Desiccants substances and dump rid are not only mine favourite but also 90% of people choice all over globe, So considering these two can make your home and basement both dry for long even without dehumidifier with less money.

Window plants are also the option you can go for, But i must say you need to plant window tree nearby your basement window with dump rid or desiccants substances. As we all know plants are good for our environment and helps people feel more calm and feel free, thus decreasing levels of anxiety around.

Indoor plants don’t just look good and aesthetic — they can make us feel super good and happy everyday, It can also help your children’s to have study well or in good outdoor activities as well.

I hope writing this blog will be enough for the query you looking for, If you have some questions related to this topic just feel free to reach out throughout our contact form! We surely will help you in providing some best guidance on what will work best in your situation and what options you do need to consider.


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