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How much water should a dehumidifier collect in a day

How much water should a dehumidifier collect in a day?

As you all know that a dehumidifier is one of the most useful tools that you may need if you are experiencing high humidity problems in your house/room. However, do you know that other than humid issues, a dehumidifier is more capable to do some more important things such as eliminating mold and dust, reducing allergies, asthma attacks, and many more?

With a dehumidifier, You will not only just able to breathe freely, but also you will be able to walk around in a comfortable and clean environment since your dehumidifier can easily get rid of dust. Along with the other benefits, you will also be able to reduce your energy bills… after all, it also improves your air conditioner efficiency.

Before jumping into the topic you must know that humidity level is basically defined by the amount of water vapor in the air, and a dehumidifier’s work is just to draw all the water vapor that is in the air. Btw if you wanna get better results from your device then just find the source of your humidity and place your dehumidifier in a nearby area.

You also read this article to know more in deep…Best place to put a dehumidifier in a 2-story house.

Some manufacturers use compressors in their dehumidifiers to draw moisture into the air, and then the water is drawn out of the air and collected in the bucket/basin of the dehumidifier. Since the bucket is attached to the dehumidifier, you will need to drain the water from the bucket from time to time.

So now the main question is “How much water should a dehumidifier collect in a day?”

How much water should a dehumidifier collect in a day?

There’s no fixed amount/answer to the question or you can say that the amount of water a dehumidifier can collect in a day is relative. In most cases a dehumidifier easily collect between 10 pints of water to 100 pints. Though it all depends on the dehumidifier capacity and the humidity level you have at your home.

Well there are some other factors too that can determine or helps you to get the exact answer you want…such as:

  • The room temperature.
  • Current room temperature.
  • Relative humidity levels.
  • The amount of moisture present in the air.
  • The power level of the machine.
  • Size of the water collector.
  • Fan speed.

Note: Most electric dehumidifiers will have a water tank and as I mentioned earlier that the size of a dehumidifier tank can affect the amount of water that will be collected. However, desiccant dehumidifiers work without collecting water because they absorb water and are ready to perform the task of maintaining the humidity level again after they are recharged.

How does a Dehumidifier works and Collects Water?

How much water should a dehumidifier collect in a day

A dehumidifier works in a simple & interesting way but many people still think that it is one of the most difficult and confusing devices to operate.

However it’s not the case anymore since whenever you run your device, the airflow from the room enters the dehumidifier, and whenever the air passes over the coils it becomes extremely low in temperature with the help of a refrigeration system.

Then the water vapor undergoes condensation resulting in liquid water that is collected in a water tank.

Why Do Dehumidifiers Collect Water?

Not all dehumidifiers collect water in buckets, but there are some dehumidifiers that collect water from the air and put them down to reduce the humidity level of the air in a certain area. This is why whenever a dehumidifier reduces humidity levels from any place by removing water from the air, the water is stored inside a tank to prevent it from returning to the air.

Unlike a humidifier which sprays water into the air, dehumidifiers do the opposite so rather than emitting water, the dehumidifier works similarly to a refrigerator.

A full water tank means your dehumidifier is working well and reducing the humidity in the space.

How Long Does it Take for a Dehumidifier to Start Collecting Water?


How Quickly Should a Dehumidifier Fill Up?

In simple words, if I say then a dehumidifier begins to collect water as soon as it is switched on, and the time taken for a dehumidifier to fill the collection tank can be anywhere between 6-8 hours for a 2-liter tank. Though it all depends on the capacity of your device and the humidity level you have in your room/place.

Note: If your dehumidifier has been on for a few hours but still no results then you have to check the tank first to see if the tank is full or not, and if the tank is empty then you have to mark it as defective, or your moisture levels may be lower than you realize.

Most manufacturers claim that a dehumidifier can collect water between 10 and 20 liters in a day. However, the amount can also depend on the size of the tank your dehumidifier has so make sure to check the tank first.

For example, a 10-lit dehumidifier can easily remove 3 to 4 liters per day and a 20-liter dehumidifier will remove 6 to 8 liters per day.  

Here is a chart that averages the amount of time different dehumidifiers with different capacities took to dehumidify the air in a 50-square-foot space.

Capacity 90% – 40% 80% – 50%
30L 11:19 6:08
20L 17:23 8:38
12L 34:03 15:20

In the chart the “90-40%” refers to the time taken (in the number of seconds) for the dehumidifier to reduce humidity from a 50 sq ft room from 90% relative humidity down to 40% relative humidity.

On the other hand the “80-50%” refers to the time taken for the dehumidifier to reduce humidity from our 50 sq ft test space from 80% relative humidity down to 50% relative humidity.

How to determine the Relative Humidity of your Space

The most easiest and best way to determine how much humidity is in your home is by understanding the RH levels, and to this you will need a hygrometer to get the exact output. Though you don’t have to worry about is since these are reasonably inexpensive tools.

So after buying a hygrometer, just place it in a place where you wanna test and follow the instruction. The most ideal humidity level is between 45 to 60% during the summer, and 25-40% during the winter.

Why is my Dehumidifier Running but not Collecting Water?

How much water should a dehumidifier collect in a day

It can be caused by many reasons such as:

  • If the humidity and RH levels are well maintained in your home/room then your device may not collect any moisture since theresn’t any need for it. The ambient temperature has to be above 65 degrees Fahrenheit for dehumidifiers to collect water.
  • Also it can be caused by faulty fan motor.
  • Sometimes in the winter when temperatures drop too low then the moisture can freeze the coils causing water collection to drop or stop altogether. Fortunately, most dehumidifiers come with an auto-defrost function.
  • Also it can be because of failed capacitor or overload protection problems, which can also interfere with the water collection process.


Q: How much water should a dehumidifier pull out?

As I said already that a dehumidifier will remove between 30 and 70 pints of water per day. Also it’s completely okay for you to run a newly installed dehumidifier constantly, especially in excessively humid weather conditions.

Just make sure that you are checking the dehumidifier tank time to time to pull out the water time to time.

Q: Why does my dehumidifier keep filling up so fast?