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Does A Dehumidifier Heat A Room

Does A Dehumidifier Heat A Room?

If you are facing high humidity in your home/room then having a dehumidifier will be the best option to go with, since a dehumidifier is one of the most useful devices that allows you to get rid of humidity from your home quickly. Although if you already have one then there’s nothing more good news than this.

However, you may have many several questions about your dehumidifier such as How does a dehumidifier work and What is a Dehumidifier Used for? How much electricity does it take? How Long Should a Dehumidifier Run Per Day? Does A Dehumidifier Heat A Room? and many more.

Whatever questions you have in your mind, you don’t have to worry since I am here to answer all those questions. Even You can find some answers already in our previous articles so don’t forget to check them out after reading this article…which will be does A Dehumidifier Heat A Room?

Well, it’s always better to understand what humidifiers and dehumidifiers do when you’re using them in your home to fix air quality issues. For example, a humidifier is used to add moisture to the air in a room/house, and on the other hand, a dehumidifier will remove the air through a cooling process.

The ideal humidity level for an indoor room/home is around 30% to 50%. 

If the humidity level drops near or below 30% then you will need a humidifier to add moisture… and if the humidity level is 50% or higher then you will need a dehumidifier to remove the moisture. So basically you can say that a dehumidifier is not designed to make your room much warmer or cooler.

So now the question is How much heat will a dehumidifier add or will using one make a room warmer? Let’s find out…

What Is a Dehumidifier?

If you are having issues with high humidity in your home then you already know that by using fans, opening windows, and applying some other methods you can easily get rid of the moisture. However, you can also buy a device that is made especially for the purpose of solving this problem — dehumidifiers.

Unlike the other methods, you can get rid of the humidity of your home quickly by using a dehumidifier. Even with a dehumidifier, you can also maintain a good balance between high humidity and low humidity. So in other words you can say that dehumidifier is one of the most promising devices that can help you.

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

A dehumidifier simply regulates the humidity in a room by removing excess moisture from the air, and because of that, you can live in a peaceful condition where you don’t have to worry about dust mites, mold, asthma, and other allergen-causing organisms.

Basically, the process of a dehumidifier is much like a refrigerator or you can say more like a refrigerant system. First humid air will be drawn into the dehumidifier and then it will be drawn completely to the dehumidifier system through a slotted grille with the help of a fan.

After that, the evaporator coil cools down the warm air by moving the air through the freezing refrigerant pipes, and as always the warm air will be condensed. Then the condensed air will drip into the pan or into the attached bucket that the unit has on the backside.

Since the dehumidification process has been completed so now the only thing that is left is to push the collected condensation through a hose leading outside the house. Now you can say that the atmosphere is far better than before.

Note: Based on your system you may see different numbers of pints of water per day.

Does A Dehumidifier Add Heat To A Room

Does A Dehumidifier Heat A Room

If you have been following the dehumidifier till now then you already know what is a dehumidifier and how does a dehumidifier work.

In simple words, you can say that a dehumidifier has neither cooling nor heating purpose, but as you know that a dehumidifier works by cooling moist air and then heating normal air. So you can say that a dehumidifier can affect the temperature of your room very slightly.

Although it also depends on the features of your device — since many dehumidifiers have stronger heating features than cooling, and the possibility of heating the room temperature in this case is higher than others. Though based on the size of your room/home the air will be spread completely and you will feel the heat more or less.

Note: Along with the point you have to always keep in mind that High humidity brings warmer air and a stuffy and muggy feeling when you’re inside the house.

Does a Dehumidifier cool down your Room?

Does A Dehumidifier Heat A Room

If you will run your dehumidifier in a dryer room then the result appears to be cooler and easier to breathe, even though the dehumidifier doesn’t have cooling purposes.

In case if you are still feeling warmer than usual after running your dehumidifier then you are probably using the wrong type since there are many different types of dehumidifiers out there for various room sizes so make sure to read that manual before buying a dehumidifier.

How Do I Prevent Dehumidifier From Making A Room Warmer?

To prevent your dehumidifier from heating up your room, there are some points you need to keep in mind such as…

Room Size: So the fact is the bigger room you will have the cooler temperature you are likely to get. Since after dehumidifying the air, the hot air will be spread throughout the room completely. However small rooms will contain more hot air than bigger rooms where the air will be spread out.

Run Time: The longer you run your dehumidifier the more heat it will generate because the way a dehumidifier works is by cooling the air first and then heating it while releasing back into the room.

So the best way to prevent this issue is by getting a dehumidifier with a built-in humidistat and auto-dehumidifying feature. This way the dehumidifier will stop running automatically once the desired humidity level is reached.

Types of dehumidifiers: There are many types & sizes of dehumidifiers out there for various room sizes and placing the wrong size of dehumidifier will only cause unnecessary heat dispersion.

For example, if you will place a small dehumidifier in a big room then you will have to run the dehumidifier constantly to achieve the result you are willing to get, and because of that more heat air will be produced throughout the process, and which will make your room warmer.

After all this, I still suggest you to leave it as it is since you can feel the cooler and easy-breathable air around you after running a dehumidifier, so you won’t feel any discomfort either.

Do You Need Air Conditioning When Using a Dehumidifier?

Does A Dehumidifier Heat A Room

As I mentioned before, a dehumidifier doesn’t do anything to make your room warmer or cooler. However, during the process, a dehumidifier emits some hot air that will spread throughout the room, and as a result, it can warm your room slightly which is not even noticeable.

Now the question is…do you need air conditioning when using a dehumidifier?

Well, the answer is short of yes since this is a decision for you to make. An air conditioning unit is something that you will definitely need in the summer since a dehumidifier won’t be enough to get you through hot days. However, running both at once will definitely make your room cooler much faster than usual.

So basically it is more beneficial for you since you will save money on the electricity bill by not running your air conditioner unit for a long time.


If you truly wanted to know about the effect of a dehumidifier on your room temperature then you have to first understand the process behind dehumidification. Like how a dehumidifier extracts moist air from your home and then passes it through cold refrigerant pipes to remove the moisture, and reheats the final air while releasing back into the room.

While doing this process there’s no single time when the dehumidifier contributes any kind of cool or hot temperature. However, sometimes you may feel some heat in your room which is basically generated by the unit.