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Do Dehumidifiers have Freon?

Do Dehumidifiers have Freon?

Well, there are quite of people looking to know “do dehumidifier have freon?” but before i answer your question let’s take a look at what advantages a dehumidifier can provide you.

having a dehumidifier can only helps you in making your home environment clean but also it provides you the healthy air to breath 24/7, as well as beneficial for your babies to have a better surroundings.

Dehumidifiers are the best product to invest, if you want to reduce humidity in your room, allergy free environment, get rid of musty smell, maintain the room temperature or want to keep your basement dry.

Adding a dehumidifier can get your humidity levels maintain to the average level of between thirty five to sixty percent. This will remove the environment for these allergens to grow and prosper.

But hold on, how does a dehumidifier actually work? and does it actually contain Freon in it?

let’s find out.

Do Dehumidifiers Contain Freon?

Do Dehumidifiers have Freon?

The name Freon is commonly used all over the globe to express what actually is inside your machine’s air conditioner. Well, we all have heard this name before but quite of us don’t know what Freon actually is, or does it works. So first, let me explain you that the name Freon refers to the refrigerant that is your insides your dehumidifier.

So, Does dehumidifier contains Freon?

Yes! dehumidifier contains Freon and there are many different types of dehumidifiers out here, but by far the most common are the once that contains Freon.

There are chances you might wondering that why your dehumidifier uses Freon?

Well, It’s not hard to answer this as because your dehumidifier is just a small machine and it works same exactly as your central air conditioner.


Do all dehumidifiers have refrigerant?

According to the reports and our research, Not all dehumidifiers contains Freon, and those who don’t contains Freon have sensors and used with a ventilation fan or a labeled and visible non-gaseous chemical particles to dehumidify.

Mainly R.410A is used in dehumidifiers, as it is becoming the most trusted and highly appreciated refrigerant in dehumidification, and R-407C is becoming less preferred by all dehumidifier or humidifier brands.

Why does a dehumidifier need refrigerant?

Because the refrigeration helps a metal plate to cool on which the moisture from the air condenses, While a fan continuously draws the room air through the dehumidifier over the cool metal plate, Accordingly the more and more of the moisture condenses onto the plate and drips into the dehumidifiers water tank.