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Battery Operated Dehumidifier for Bathroom

Best 5 Battery Operated Dehumidifier for Bathroom & Rv

As a family man and women its so important to take care of our kids and family as well as yourself by keeping them in a good and well maintained positive environment, but the question is how?

Well, Its not so much difficult if you’ll use a dehumidifier in your home and let the product help you to keep your home temperature maintained with fresh and healthy air to breath. Somehow there are also people who keep looking for less electricity products to maintain their home power consumption bills.

But you don’t need to worry about that as well because we are here with our well researched guide and reviews to help you out in maintaining your home electricity bills down to less, we are gonna introduce our best battery operated dehumidifiers which possibly be useful for bathroom, small rooms, basements, Rv and cabinets as well.

Battery operated dehumidifiers are chargeable and compact with their sizes, so that you can easily put them wherever you want, apart from this they hardly make noises and keeps your home free from other weird noises.

I guess i’ve already mentioned everything about the guide so now let’s move further to our reviews section to let you know which are those best 5 battery operated dehumidifiers you can go with.

Our best picks you Can go with 

Here are our best picks,

  • Waykar 2000 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier
  • AIRPLUS 2,000 Sq. Ft 30 Pints Dehumidifier
  • COSVII 680 Sq.ft Dehumidifier
  • Afloia Q3 Mini Dehumidifier
  • CONOPU 1000ml Dehumidifier for Home

1. Waykar 2000 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier (Best for bathroom)

Battery Operated Dehumidifier for Bathroom

The Waykar dehumidifier comes with Unique design for the modern homes with 360° freestyle rotatable wheels and ergonomically lift up handles, you can move around the dehumidifier everywhere very easily. A smooth working quiet fan which ain’t gonna disturb you while sleeping or at work, super adjustable fan speeds for multiple choices.

Most importantly the waykar dehumidifier 2000 Sq.Ft has 24-hours of timer Setting for preset operation and to reduce energy consumption.

well, the dehumidifier will run intelligently as it has intelligent control system, you can easily auto control humidity by just simply adjusting to your desire humidity, it will work smartly when it reached at its designated humidity, the sensor helps the dehumidifier to automatically stop working and then automatically restart to dehumidify when the humidity level goes above to the target sensed.

The automatic Shut Off/On feature: When the bucket goes full it helps the dehumidifier to shut it off automatically before it gets overfilled.

The dehumidifier is for Space Up to 2000 Square feet with removable up to 34 pints (under 95°F,95%RH condition) of moisture each day. The max dehumidification capacity is up to 34 pints in areas with up to 2000 Square feet to adjust humidity from 30% to 85%.

Waykar dehumidifier is ideal for many places like bathroom, office, home, basement, bedroom, living room, stockroom, kitchen, laundry room, cellars, crawlspace, etc.

  • Special Feature: Automatic Defrost; Automatic Moisture Removal; Automatic Restart; Automatic Shutoff; Ergonomic Handle; Overheat Protection; Portable; Removable Tank; Washable Filter
  • Product dimension: 9″D x 12.2″W x 20.9″H
  • Item Weight: 29.8 pounds
  • Batteries Required: No
Pros Cons
2.5 liters huge water tank capacity The tank may be too small in size
24-hour timer setting
Comes with 6.56 feet long drain hose

2. AIRPLUS 2,000 Sq. Ft 30 Pints Dehumidifier

Battery Operated Dehumidifier for Bathroom

Airplus 2000 square feet dehumidifier have high efficiency dehumidification in build process for home which removes up to 30 pints under 90% RH & 86°F condition of moisture every day, but max dehumidification capacity is up to 30 pints.

The convenient drainage and sufficient capacity makes it even better with its price, Using a dehumidifier hose to drain continuously and automatically frees you from the hassle of manual job. The compact and well designed 1.5L capacity of our dehumidifier is sufficient to use.

It also comes with auto shut off feature which will help you in keeping your water un-spilled, Somehow if your  water tank goes full, the dehumidifier machine will itself shut off until it is emptied which seems More convenient and efforts-saving for everyone.

Airplus dehumidifier is specially known for his quiet moisture absorber feature and Multiple Scenes: Quiet sound free moisture removal keeps you away from every kind of annoying noises around your area. Literally an ideal and good looking dehumidifier for bathroom & Rv that will not disturb your rest as well as does a great job in the bathroom, RV, kitchen, and living room.

final words, the airplus works smoothly as a dehumidifier for bathrooms and Rv’s, So what you waiting for just go check it out and look if its under your budget and preference to comfortable your life.

  • Capacity: 1.50 liters
  • Operation Mode: Standard , Laundry
  • Dimensions:  21 x 14 x 10 inches; 23 Pounds
Pros Cons
Automatically shuts-off feature May have a small water reservoir
Removes up to 30 pints of moisture everyday
A1 build quality

3. COSVII 680 Sq.ft Dehumidifier

Battery Operated Dehumidifier for Bathroom

COSVII high efficiency dehumidifier extracts up to 23-34oz (700~1000ml) of water every day in a humid atmosphere of 86°F & 80% RH. COSVII dehumidifier well known for its smooth dehumidify process which improves the air quality and brings a comfortable and healthy living environment for each and every of you.

As like many other dehumidifiers, it also comes with Auto-Shut off function which makes it even better as it turns the dehumidifier shut off automatically when the water tank goes full, which prevents the risk of overflow in meantime.

Energy Saving COSVII electric dehumidifier build-in with 2 semiconductor, so you can say it is more effective and energy saving, It consumes 1.115kw of electricity after running for 24 hours daily. Our COSVII dehumidifier comes with UL certified adapter that ensures it is safe to use.

Compact with size and Lightweight with weight, ensures you that it is easy to move wherever you want to. It is ideal for rooms up to 680 sq.ft and especially suitable in-build for high humidity in all kinds of spaces such as bathroom ,bedroom, basement, closet, kitchen, RV etc.

  • Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 8.19 x 13.27 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.25 pounds
  • Battery type: Chargeable
Pro  Cons
Energy Efficiency Not suitable for large areas
Easy to use
Auto-Shut off Function
Budget friendly

4. Afloia Q3 Mini Dehumidifier for Bathroom & Rv 

Best Cordless dehumidifier for bathroom Afloia Q3 mini is an high-efficiency in-build dehumidifier which remove up to 10oz of water each and everyday in a humid environment of 86°F 80%RH with a 20oz water tank capacity. The optimal function in room sizes up to 2000 Cubic Feet, and must remember the product optimal operating temperature is 41°F-122°F.

It has one button control and auto shut-off feature which makes it more easy to use for customers. The small dehumidifier starts to work with blue light on and turns orange when the water tank is full filled, the electric dehumidifier will shut off automatically to protect from the risk of overflow, you can also press the ON/OFF button for 3s to turn off the lights right instant. also you can turn it off at any time if you don’t like it.

The dehumidifier comes with ultra-quiet and peltier Tech in-build technology. This battery operated dehumidifier built-in with thermo-electric tech. Its ultra-quiet operation with (35dB) creates a comfortable and fresh environment around your bathroom and Rv without compromising dehumidification efficiency.

The in-build peltier tech dehumidifier is safe and portable without any chemical pollution, So It’s important for you to choose efficient and quiet dehumidifiers for your home to make it better.

  • Product Dimensions: 14.48 x 14.48 x 25.91 cm; 861.83 Grams
  • Power / Watt usage: 23 watt hours
  • Item Weight: 862 g
Pro  Cons
High-Efficiency Dehumidifier Not suitable for large areas
Auto-Shut off Function
Comes with capacity of 1000 Millilitres

5. CONOPU 1000ml Dehumidifier for Home

Best Cordless dehumidifier for bathroom

CONOPU 100ml dehumidifier is Efficient and Strongly capable for removing moisture in compact areas such as bathroom, basement, kitchen and Rv.

It also comes with Peltier technology (no compressor needed), the water tank volume of our small dehumidifier is up to 1000 ml as mentioned in heading. It can also remove up to 450 ml of water everyday at 30 ℃ and 80% RH. 

With ultra-quiet and low energy consumption suits for peaceful sleeping as it is well capable dehumidifier to run all day long without loud or annoying noises. The dehumidifiers has peltier technology which is also the considerable reason to go with

Handle and detachable filter mesh makes the dehumidifier easy for moving because of handle, lightweight, deal dehumidifier for compact and small rooms. The filter of this dehumidifier is well known for its back reduces dust and cleans the air.

The dehumidifier have colorful LED lights with controllable in-build feature, you can easily control the LED lights on one fixed colour or you can constantly change colors according to your personal preference, or also can turn it off separately if doesn’t required.

  • Product Dimensions: 25.6 x 15 x 15 cm; 1.53 Kilograms
  • Capacity: 1000 Millilitres
  • Item Weight: 1.53 kg
Pro  Cons
Comes with coloured LED lights Not suitable for large areas
Auto Off Function
Low Energy Consumption


Well, I guess i’ve mentioned all the important points and product reviews with our well researched process and hoping now that you finally get to know with which “Battery Operated Dehumidifier for bathroom & Rv” you can go with, As all of these are capable and considerable for your exact query and surely go with any of these.

But as with my personal preference and choice just a little more likely urge, if you can go with Waykar 2000 Sq. Ft or with AIRPLUS 2,000, As i’ve seen the results and reviews of these 2 dehumidifiers and all of them are so positive and good.

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